Water Fun

Are your kids complaining, "I'm bored!" Not sure what to do with them? If you have even the smallest of yards, try this:

Get some random water blasters, plastic cups, water pistols, hoses, buckets, kiddie pools, etc. and set them loose. (Water balloons are not a good idea- the bits of latex left behind are bad for animals).

You may even be able to get away with this in a city park but may have to bring your own buckets of water if there isn't a water fountain. Just be aware of local rules. I know it would be fine in the park near where my sister lived in Cambridge, MA or in the park near my other sister in San Francisco. Other parks may be more restrictive.

These photos were taken on a rainy 65 degree day a couple of weeks ago. They don't care if it's cold!

 And here's 4th of July at my parents' house. Yup. That's my dad right in the mix with his patriotic shirt soaking wet.

As long as everyone agrees that getting wet is the point of this game, it's fun for everyone. When my kids get "bored" or start to get cranky, changing the scenery or plans usually helps. Water play is almost always a winner for us. I've even managed to spend a little time writing or reading a book while my kids have a crazy water fight nearby.

Have you had a water fight lately? Give it a try and let us know how it goes! Particularly on a hot day, everybody wins.