2011 Cranberry Harvest Celebration

Last weekend was the A.D. Makepeace and Cape Cod Cranberry Grower's Association Cranberry Harvest Celebration in Wareham, MA. I wrote about this celebration last year, so hop over to last year's post to learn more details. Today, a photo montage:

We watched the "wet" harvest

 and helped "dry" harvest.

We climbed on the giant sand pile

and dug holes
and jumped

before meeting some owls close-up and going home.

If you live in Massachusetts or Rhode Island, I highly recommend you go to this celebration next year. It's worth the ride, especially if you've never witnessed a cranberry harvest up close. It usually runs on Saturday and Sunday of Columbus Day weekend from 10-4. You'll get outside, learn about local culture and have loads of fun.

How about your neck of the woods... are there any harvest celebrations happening? Tell us about them.