Drum to the Beat

Last summer, I blogged about a drumming circle, facilitated by Otha Day, that was sponsored by our public library. The community enjoyed the experience so much that our PTO decided to hire Otha for a drumming residency at our school. As chairperson of the PTO cultural committee, I was the lucky parent who got to spend two full days drumming,clapping, dancing, and singing my heart out. It's impossible to participate in a drumming circle and not feel great at the end. To quote a friend who attended the community drumming circle last summer, (as best I can based on memory) "After the drumming, I felt the way I feel after I run- like I had a runner's high! It was awesome!"

I don't want to restate what I already blogged, so please hop over and read my previous post for more details. As I stated then, please consider hiring Otha Day of Drum to the Beat to come to your school. You won't regret it!

And now...a some photos for your viewing pleasure...

Having a little fun with soda bottle shakers. (They're filled with popcorn kernels)

 It's a little blurry... but I had to include this! Do you think he's having fun?!

Have you ever participated in a drumming circle? How was it for you?