Poet in Residence, The final Installment

Thanks for all the great comments on my earlier "Poet in Residence" posts. Here's the last batch of poems.

I adore my mother’s cherry pie
It’s so good I wish to die
When my mother
makes it great
guess who happens to be late.
Is she making cherry pie?
Oh my gosh it’s just a lie!!

                    by Andrew B.


Butterfly! Butterfly!

With your speckled wings,

fly to the church,

soar to the sea,

and land on a tree.

by Sarah M

Nibbling on Leaves
One day a Japanese caterpillar
was nibbling
on a soft, juicy,
luscious leaf.
He ate it all the
way through.
He landed
on dinner!

by Ben H

Swooping over

Predator of
the wild

Protector of
a nest

Bird of

by Jacob D.

(HAWK, particularly the line breaks, was inspired by the work of William Carlos Williams. Can you recognize it? We read River of Words; The story of William Carlos Williams as part of our poetry study. It's a fantastic picture book about the life of William Carlos Williams).

At My Grandmother’s House
I sit
on the couch where I always
Just sitting
watching TV while
eating with my family.
All I can smell
is my noodles
I hear
the TV going on
and on
and on.
I feel happy!
So is
my brother
and grandmother.
I feel like
I’m in my
own world.
I sprint
into the kitchen because
I hear
the parade
We’re just
out the window.
I had a great time
my grandmother’s house.

by Jordyn D.

Which poems, phrases or lines speak to you?

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