Poet in Residence

This past fall I served as "Poet in Residence" in my son's grade 4 classroom. While I mostly write for children now, my first love was poetry. In fact, even my prose has a lyrical quality to it. I loved being with fourth graders again and guiding them on their own poetic journeys.

To culminate this season long experience, we created an anthology of their poems. Each student received a copy just before the holiday break. Here's the cover, designed by a student named Jacob. I love how he tied together some of the generators we used for poems. One day, each student brought in a special object from nature and used that to write a poem. Another day, they looked at photographs I brought in. They also made maps of their important play places and then wrote a poem about a specific place on the map. Can you see those ideas represented in his images?
Every student (and their teacher, Mr. Davignon) included at least one poem in the anthology. Since many students wrote poems from photographs I had taken, those photographs also appeared along with the poems.

Starting today, with the poets' permission, I'll share some of their work. I'll post more over the next month or so.

Aside from correcting an occasional spelling error, I have not altered these poems in any way. I offered guidance about how to revise poetry but the work is entirely their own. I hope you enjoy their work. If you do, please tell them by leaving a comment.

The Crab 
When I look I see
a fearsome yet strong animal.
It is humble
and never backs down from a battle.
His claws are like boxing gloves
his shell is like his shield.
The ocean is his battlefield.

                                                      by Elijah S.

The Silent Hawk
It’s eyes
watch all day for prey
Then it goes down to fight
It’s feet as sharp
as a shark’s jaw
It’s claws as big
as a lion’s paw
It blends in
the sky
Like an overwatch

by Max M.

I am
Up, up, up, on the
highest branch. Below
there’s a logger, OH NO,
Did I just say, LOGGER!
“TIMBER,” here I go
again, falling

by Dante C.

Ortiz is up
it’s full count
there’s no doubt.
The pitcher beams a fastball
   It’s  blasted into  the  air
HOMERUN !      
 But I can’t look
He’s…….. OUT
I did a big pout
But wait

                                                 by Ethan P.      

Humming Bird

Humming bird, humming bird
Where will you fly?
With your wings moving so fast

As you go by
Zig-zagging from flower to flower
Just like cheetahs dashing by

                                                    Looks like you have no wings
                                                    I think you’re attached to strings

                                                   by  Jakob M.

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