Ok, so yesterday morning's post started out pretty bleak. I was having a tough time dealing with the fact that logging has destroyed much of the wood frogs' habitat near our house. But, I didn't give up on those little guys.

Yesterday afternoon was a warm 61 degrees here- perfect wood frog weather. I grabbed my backpack with my camera, water, and notebook and headed out to the frog pond.

I rushed past the cleared parts straight to the pond. Upon arrival, I saw a little movement near the water's edge. As I crept closer, a tadpole (or as I prefer to call them... a polliwog) darted away. (It was probably a bullfrog because it was BIG!) I sat down to wait and watch. Little by little, my ears picked up on a faint clucking sound on the other side of the pond. I know that sound! I tramped through the brush to the other side.

Along the way, more evidence of life continued to present itself:

Squirrels' midden
Deer droppings
That fungi we call turkey mushrooms because they look like turkey tail feathers.
I crossed an old stone wall- evidence that the area was once open fields.

As I got nearer to the pond's edge, the clicking sounds grew louder. Then, as I emerged on the bank, it stopped. They knew I was there. I watched them scatter toward the area I had just left.

I worked my way over to a tree that had fallen into the water. I walked out onto it and just sat. And sat. And sat. And then they went back to business as usual and revealed themselves.

(It was really windy yesterday , so I wasn't able to capture any good video with sound. But my first ever blog post has terrific sound. I hope you'll hop over and listen to The Big Day).

As if I weren't happy enough already, a bat (yes... A BAT!) swooped down low to the water, skimmed the surface and flapped back up. It came through, back-and-forth several times in the erratic way that bats fly. I tried to get a photo, but bats are just too erratic to get a good shot. Here's my best photographic evidence:

You can see it, right? In the top middle? Seriously... a bat at 1:00 in the afternoon-just out getting some lunch! 

So, while the lessons I received from nature on Wednesday were subtle, yesterday's was a big exclamation point: nature will continue!

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