Travel Tuesdays: Close to Home

This weekend my family spent the long weekend in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with friends. Without traffic, it's about a three and a half hour road trip, so it's pretty close to home.

We climbed a mountain on Sunday. It's funny to see how kids choose to go up vs. how adults (with longer legs) go. My daughter went through a skinny gap in the rocks. Right around here is where my she said, "This is fun!"

Here we are at the top.

Whoops. We almost lost a few kids over the edge. (Don't's only an optical illusion. Boy did they have fun with this!)

On Monday, we went spelunking at Lost River Gorge. Ok, so not the serious kind of caving that serious spelunkers do, but we had a great time. My husband and all the kids went though the lemon squeezer but I opted out... too claustrophobic for me. 

This one was a tight squeeze but I managed it!

I know I've written often about traveling internationally on this blog, but that's not the only way to travel. We love exploring natural places close to home. Every part of the world has features that make it unique. And, if money it tight for your family, perhaps a road trip is more manageable. 

How was your long weekend? Did you get out in nature? What did you see? What local area is your favorite to visit?

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