Travel Tuesdays: What to Pack?

My family will be traveling to California for a family wedding soon. When preparing to travel, we leave a suitcase open on the bedroom floor and start tossing things in during the weeks that lead up to our departure. Right now, its piled with presents (we're celebrating several birthdays and a missed holiday while we're all together) and our "to do" stuff. You know... books, toys, and crafty bits for the plane ride.

The other day, my daughter also tossed her Bird Log in the suitcase. As she started tossing in her field guides, I pointed out that they are specific to New England, so they won't be very helpful.

Her response, "Oh yeah. But I can still bring my bird log in case I see some interesting birds there."

Of course I agreed with that comment. But what to do about the field guides? Simple. We emailed her auntie and asked her to find a few in her local library if she doesn't own one.

Sometimes a little planning ahead is all you need to keep your kids happy on vacation (and while packing).

Now if we can just see some cool birds in the redwood grove...

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