Travel Tuesdays: Road Trippin'

My daughter and I read this tonight.
We hope to visit Ghost Ranch.
Well, there's big news here in the Cusolito household. This weekend we're hitting the road for a 5 week cross country trip while my father -in-law holds down the fort here. (Convenient to have an in-law living here when we want to go away, isn't it?)

We've wanted to take a trip like this for years but were unable to do so for a number of reasons. This year, things just lined up- our kids are old enough to really enjoy it and my husband's current work contract offers enough flexibility for us to be away for that long.

I've been pondering what to do about this blog, and I've decided the best plan is for me to wing it. (Heck, we only decided to take the trip about three weeks ago, so clearly I'm a bit of a "pantser" anyway).

I plan to post "Wordless Wednesday" each week, but beyond that I don't want to be tied to a strict schedule. One friend asked if I might photo blog the trip, and that's certainly an option. I just want to make sure I allow sufficient time for being present with my family and in the place I'm visiting. If blogging or posting a photo feels do-able, I'll post. If not, I won't. I've never taken this kind of trip so I have no idea how I'll feel.

One thing you can be sure of... I'll post about the trip when we return if I don't post much while we're away. And I'll be sure to stick to tips and information that I hope will be useful to you.

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I'll post my usual Wednesday and Friday of this week. And then... I'll be on the road.