Travel Tuesdays: Writing Retreat

Today I find myself preparing for a kind of travel that's new to me. Tomorrow morning I'll leave for a writing retreat for a few nights while my husband holds down the fort at home. I'm simultaneously thankful for the uninterrupted time to dig into my new writing project and a bit intimidated by the prospect. Normally, I sneak writing into the spaces not taken up being mom, wife, PTO member, school committee chairperson, etc. Having three full days that require me to do nothing but focus my energy on a writing project is a dream. And also a bit of an anxiety provoker, if I'm going to be honest. What if I crumble under all that time?

So, I've done my best to prepare. I have a shoebox of paraphernalia that I hope will inspire my writing- a collection of letters, photographs, artifacts, etc. connected the setting and time period of my story. My one "to do" before I leave is to finish building a playlist of related music. Like many people, I find music can immediately put me in a different place the same way a certain smell can. (Too bad I can't also bottle up related smells!)

I also reread Julie Hedlund's guest blog post Top 10 Reasons Why You (yes, YOU!) Should Go on a Retreat to get myself into the right mindset.

And tomorrow, off I go...

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