School Visit Survey, Mini Post: Virtual School Visits

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What the Data Showed about Virtual Visits:

  • 62% of our school #authorvisit survey respondents did at least one virtual visit.

  • Of those folks, 58% did all of their virtual visits for free (it's possible these were short 15-minute visits, which many authors commented they do for free)

  • Among authors who did charge for virtual visits, the average fee was $173.

virtual visits fees.png

Some comments about virtual visits:

  • “Clarification about my Skype visits — most are free, but only 15-20 minutes. I do charge for longer visits.”

  • “... in the past I've done free 15 minute Q&A visits, but this past year I only did one 30-minute Skype visit with a college class and charged $300. I plan to do only or mostly paid Skype visits in the future, but I don't get many requests for those.”

  • “My free virtual visits are 15 minutes long, as opposed to paid visits, which are 45 minutes long.”

  • “Regarding Skype: 15 min Q&A: free; Longer session: $200.”

  • “I'm still doing the 15m for free but now am charging 30m for $75, 45m for $100/$200.”

  • “I do free Skype visits up to 20 minutes. For 45 minutes to 1n hour, I charge $200 - $250.”


Our next full post will focus on free and reduced price visits.